July 26, 2016

26/07/2016: Spend less on spent grain with MPE Chain-Vey

MPE’s Chain-Vey® is ideal for the unique layouts and tight constraints of brewery facilities, but also provides a unique alternative when it comes to the transportation and clean-out of spent grain.
Traditional cavity or fluid pumps used to transport spent grain to outdoor silos require more than routine maintenance and spare parts, eating into a brewery’s production time and bottom line. 

The Chain-Vey is the most reliable and robust conveying solution on the market, and with its completely enclosed design, it can easily adapt between dry and semi-wet materials. Additionally, the Chain-Vey is considered a 'no-touch' machine, requiring zero unscheduled maintenance per year and less than US$100 per year in consumable parts.
Spend less time on your spent grain.
Learn more about MPE Chain-Vey® HERE.

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