July 11, 2016

11/07/2016: Chief develops self-cleaning EcoGuard System in Commercial Dryer

Chief Agri/Industrial, a division of Chief Industries, Inc announced on June 1 that they have developed new technology that significantly reduces maintenance and emissions that works alongside its Commercial Dryer series. 
The Chief Commercial Dryer, including self-cleaning EcoGuard System (patent pending), addresses the increased demands to reduce dust emissions in the grain industry.
Chief considered engineering a system with these capabilities after a Chief representative saw a customer’s need for dust reduction and minimising maintenance. Chief’s engineering team responded with excellent customer service, attention to detail, and was able to engineer the EcoGuard System.
Image: Cliff Hutson
“In 2014 we decided to purchase a dryer from Chief Industries. We knew there would be some changes to be made but Chief was willing to go the extra mile to help us and hopefully other communities in the grain industry. In 2015 Chief changed a couple of things to help 'reduce emissions in the package'.
"After the harvest season was complete the locals sent a spokesman to our office to let us know they were satisfied with the changes!!! I have been in the grain business my whole life and was totally amazed with how many bee's wings there are in corn. With this system you can actually watch the amount taken out. It is worth seeing it to believe,” said Doug Kavanagh, Operations Manager of Glacial Plains Cooperative.
“Chief is proud of the latest addition of quality products to broaden the range of Chief’s equipment offering and meet the needs of our ever-growing customer base.” said Roger Townsend, President of Chief Agri/Industrial.
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