July 25, 2016

25/07/2016: Bespoke solutions: For every storage challenge... there is a storage solution

Darren Parris from the Milling and Grain team recently visited Symaga at their global headquarters and central production plant to see how this rapidly expanding company deals with the challenges facing their clients

by Darren Parris, Milling and Grain  
First published in Milling and Grain, May 2016  

Within the central plains of Spain in the region of Ciudad Real you will find located the realm of the Garrido family and their metal manufacturing empire, Symaga. Leading the family owned and managed business from up front is the equivalent of the modern day El Cid Campeador, Alfonso Garrido. Like the legend of old who himself served Alfonso IV, Alfonso Garrido drives his companies expansion globally whilst at the helm of his ship “Symaga”, not so dissimilar to the global exploits of Christopher Columbus on the Santa Maria, with more than 90 percent of its business being overseas and outside of Spain.
Syamaga was established in 1985, and now 30 years on, how privileged was I to be cordially invited to their global headquarters and central production plant.
Along with a delegation of potential international customers from Poland I was given free access to explore this successful multinational organisation.
Symaga divided its production into several lines, one specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing galvanised steel silos for storage; one line focused on livestock, poultry, pig and bovine equipment; and a third one specialised in manufacturing agricultural equipment such as water tanks and vineyards equipment.
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