September 13, 2016

13/09/2016: 30th edition of SPACE in France

This is the 30th edition of SPACE in Rennes, France. It's the country's premier livestock event and offers a host of feed-related products and services.

In all SPACE 2016 has 1445 exhibitors with almost a third of those (484) coming from 42 cukntries outside France.

SPACE is all about building a strong future for animal production and recently nominated director Anne-Marie Quéméner recognized the press for its contribution in making the exhibition what it is today.

"I pay tribute particularly to Joseph Jouzel the first superintendent of SPACE as one of the founding members and who ran the show from 1987-1995." Today's dedicated and determined organising team host this event each year in buildings and fields near the city's airport.

Ms Quéméner acknowledges that it is the work of companies through research and development that make this show a real true showcase of innovation.

Whatever the economic situation farmers and industry come to SPACE each year to find out about new and innovative methods and ideas concerning their future work. While it started out as a European show it quickly earned an international reputation, reflected in the number of foreign exhibitors at this year's event - and this year the show welcomes several government delegations from African countries.

SPACE overs 15ha and is the technological crossroads for new tools and equipment where livestock farmers can impact tomorrow's world.

But SPACE is more than just farmers visiting an annual international agricultural show. There are over 70 forums and conferences and the rendezvous for research institutes who want to communicate their results through conferences and debates being hosted by INRA, IFIP, IDELE and others.

While dairy farming and dairy genetics are a key focus of the event, all other species are represented from broilers to pigs and sheep with conferences on the financial dynamics of dary farming in western France to the international competitiveness of the country's broiler sector and the welfare of pigs under the European project ProHealth.       

Fair competition
SPACE is know for its display of livestock and competition in the show ring; all with the objective of selling French genetics. This year there are 13 breeds on display and the Competitions President Jean-Yves Rissel agrees, "The aim is to promote all French breeds. France needs to be present in the medium- and long-term in animal genetics markets. Foreign investors have yet to be convinced of the superior quality of French breeds. It's a long-term undertaking to build an image and high quality competitions will help."

 Preparing animal for competition is the main route to success. That is why SPACE has made breeders sign a ethics charter for the second year running.

"Although preparation is important, it should not put the animal at risk. The intrinsic value of the animal must be clearly visible. After testing the procedure last year we were pleasantly surprised by the reaction of livestock breeders who approved the charter and called in the vet when necessary. The 2015 Grand Champion needed no special preparation, proving the charter works!"

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