September 27, 2016

28/09/2016: Brabender Quadrumat Junior, a facelift for the laboratory mill that simulates practical conditions

Brabender’s universal use laboratory flour mill is an easy to operate classic when it comes to preparing samples of wheat, spelt, rye, barley and rice for quality analyses.

It works on a roller basis in a multi-stage milling process, which creates standardised laboratory flours in just a single pass – with reproducible test results in a realistic simulation of the production process.
The Brabender Quadrumat Junior is a precision laboratory mill
for producing test flours that simulate practical conditions.
The Quadrumat Junior quickly delivers precise products in lab scale, which, in terms of dough, yield and baking properties, almost match commercially produced milled grain products.

The ground material is separated and collects in a powder/bran drawer, where it can be subjected to standard inspections, such as with a Farinograph, Extensograph, Amylograph or Alveograph, or for sample size calculation.

Brabender also supplies three accessory components that enable you to expand the Quadrumat Junior for use in special applications:

- The Brabender Bran Duster gently separates adherent flour particles from the bran, and therefore increases the flour yield by 10 percent.

- A special 150-micrometer sieve enables Alveograph-specific standard flour to be produced.

- The device is optimised for analysis according to the AACC 26-50 method.

- A special version of the Quadrumat Junior is available for use with durum wheat.

New version with user-friendly features
The closed grinding process enables maximum separation of the endosperm from the exosperm – while at the same time gently reducing the size of the flour and bran particles.

The flour’s yield can be tuned according to type specifications, making quality assessments close to practical conditions possible in the lab.
Easy to clean design: Round sifter easier to remove

The recently introduced new version of the Quadrumat Junior offers a whole range of improvements that make it even more user friendly:

- The cleaning procedure has been simplified for this latest version: The housing can now be opened, and direct access to the now removable round sifter enables cleaning in no time at all.

- Larger flour and bran drawers improve manageability when in continuous use.

- The unavoidable noise levels resulting from the realistic milling process combined with the performance level have been significantly reduced.

- The equipment meets current safety standards.

- And last but not least, the housing is now more robust, as a result of comprehensive materi-al tests based on everyday use.

- Also available to order is an optional lamp that provides light in the separator area, making it easy to monitor the separation process at all times.

Brabender has therefore brought its Quadrumat Junior high quality laboratory mill – for use in the milling, cultivation and research sectors, as well as by baked goods and pasta product manufacturers – up to the very latest technical standards.

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