September 15, 2016

15/09/2016: Industry tour to inspire next generation of crop scientists

AHDB-funded PhD students grew their understanding of the practical applications of science in horticulture at a series of visits on 3rd – 4th August 2016.
The group – who are all undertaking doctorates in arable or horticultural disciplines – were given a whistle-stop tour of the industry, taking in five growers in the Chichester area over the course of two days.

AHDB organised the event as part of its work to encourage the next generation of scientists into agricultural and horticultural research and retain them within the field.

AHDB’s Joe Martin, who was responsible for the programme, said: “The ability of our industry to problem-solve and innovate hinges on attracting the best and brightest minds into the field of crop sciences.
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“By connecting these students with horticultural enterprises, where they can see for themselves the practical impact of new technologies, we hope to inspire these talented academics to spearhead the next wave of scientific advancement.”

Across sectors, AHDB funds around 15 new PhDs a year, with 50 to 60 projects ongoing at any one time. A call for applications for a share of UK£1 million worth of funding for studentships starting in 2017 is currently live, with a closing date of 19 September.

David Kay, Managing Director of Hall Hunter Partnership, which hosted the first visit, said: “Those of us who have had full careers in both the agricultural and horticultural arenas understand how varied and exciting the sectors can be.

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