September 27, 2016

28/09/2016: The Sweet CalorMatic

The company has invented, designed, perfected and manufactured in-house a very clever multi-purpose heat processor called the ‘CalorMatic’.

It offers a new concept for the economical, efficient, uniformed and clean thermal treatment for a large variety of products, by-products and materials.

It basically roasts, toasts and dries grains; for example, it takes moisture out of the soybeans making the soy a better protein for the feed industry, giving better enzyme activity and conversion for bette§r feed energy.

It’s a hybrid product, it’s more like a dryer.

These units are available in different sizes.

 Sweet indicated that they have sold multiple units to a customer in the US that processes specialty products for the dairy and animal industries.

I was taken outside to see first-hand this awesome machine, this working model is kept onsite to run tests for potential customers to see if it will extract the right amount of moisture from the different products received.

This CalorMatic has a powerful fan that pulls air from the outside and forces it through a flame burner which fills a chamber with heated air under the conveyor.

Read the full article HERE.

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