September 13, 2016

13/09/2016: SIMA 2017's Innovation First to outline future of farming profession

SIMA 2017 will be a unique forum for the discovery of innovation and talent in the farming sector.

With Innovation First, a new event within the trade show, SIMA 2017 will look at the future of the job of farming from a completely new perspective.

SIMA 2017 will take place from 26 February to 2 March 2017 at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre, north of Paris (France).

Once more, innovation is set to be given pride of place at the next SIMA trade fair, which will take place in the first quarter of 2017 in the French capital (26 February to 2 March).

Innovation First promises to be of particular interest to all farming-industry professionals, as it will map out the future of the farming industry, more particularly focusing on what it will mean to be a farmer in 10 years’ time.

Innovation First in four key themes Innovation First , in 2017, will be addressing the theme of Being a farmer in 10 years’ time from four main angles: the digital age, robotics, the economics of ecology, and genomics.

Engineering schools from 91 countries have been asked to provide their contributions to one of these four strands, which will be presented at SIMA 2017, constituting one of the trade show’s highlights.

▪Big Data – Farming jobs in a digital age. The growth of the digital economy and the huge volume of data generated as a result will have a significant impact on job descriptions and job skills in agricultural organisations. Will farmers become, first and foremost, ‘data producers’, transforming the very essence of their role in the process?

▪Robotics – Will tomorrow usher in the driverless tractor? Having made an entrance into the farming world through livestock, robotics is steadily developing in other areas. And this growth is accelerating. Are robots destined to replace tractors and other types of agricultural machinery?

▪Ecological economics – The search for a new economic model. On the one hand, market globalisation and price volatility have driven many farmers to pursue new avenues and novel revenue streams; on the other, the concept of ‘ecological economics’ is increasingly being promoted as a way of meeting the challenges of resource renewability. Will farmers become producers of their own energy?

▪Genomics – Plant and animal breeding has entered the world of Big Data. The development of agriculture is closely correlated to progress in genetics, both in plant breeding and in livestock selection. The emergence of new tools used in genomics and phenotyping has helped us to improve our finer knowledge of the genome, enabling substantial time savings in selection programmes and in diversifying the profiles selected. Does Big Data hide other approaches, which could also turn out to be the tools of tomorrow?

Innovation First in six highlights

With a think-tank, an incubator for projects, and a look into the future of the sector, Innovation First will be developed into several trade-show highlights, giving unique insight into farming as a changing industry in the 21 st century.

▪The Foresight Forum (Espace Prospectif ) will feature various scenarios for the future of farming, which will be formulated by agricultural and non-agricultural organisations, including high-technology competitive clusters (Aerospace Valley, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, etc.) as well as technical institutes and R&D centres (Irstea, Arvalis, etc.).

▪The engineering schools from France and about 90 countries will present their conclusions around the four key strands of Innovation First , as already mentioned (above). This promises to be stimulating and insightful for all attendees.

▪The International Meetings (Rencontres Internationales), taking the form of debates with, and presentations by, international experts, will deal with the range of challenges currently facing the farming sector.

▪Portraits of Innovative Farmers will focus on innovation, as seen through the perspective, and reflected by the experience, of French and foreign farming-industry professionals, who are being innovative through their unique achievements. This event will be set up in conjunction with the French Chambers of Agriculture and their Innov’Action programme.

▪The Start-up Village will present all the latest advances that concern start-ups in the farming sector and related technologies. ▪The Innovation Gallery will feature display boards and explanatory diagrams, offering additional information about the exciting projects singled out by the 2017 SIMA Innovation Awards.

Through the many special features and all the new products presented at the trade show early next year, innovation will, once again, take centre stage at SIMA 2017.

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