September 25, 2016

26/09/2016: SPACE 2016, A world-class thirtieth expo focused on the future

SPACE 2016 was held at the RENNES Exhibition Centre from September 13 to 16.

Inaugurated by the Minister of Animal Resources of Côte d'Ivoire, the professional associations who accompanied him, officials from Togo and Guinea and the Minister of Livestock of Cameroon, and closed by Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture, this 30th SPACE reflects the event's strong international dimension.

This year's expo brought together 1,445 exhibitors including 484 international exhibitors from 42 countries, and 101,963 visitors, including 12,022 international visitors from 120 countries. The participation of exhibitors remained at the same level as last year (1,441 in 2015), which was a record year in this respect.

The participation of visitors declined slightly (in 2015: 106,226 visitors, including 15,042 international visitors). This slight decrease is due to the difficult situation in some sectors and the fact that the event coincided with silage harvesting.

Regarding international visitors, far fewer visitors from Northern Africa came this year because the SPACE began the day after an important religious holiday, Eid Al Adha. However, large delegations from West Africa, Europe and Iran were present.

Exhibitors at SPACE 2016 unanimously praised the quality of contacts they had with visitors during the four day event. This professionalism, in a globalised world, clearly reflected the constructive and fluid tone of this year's expo.

SPACE 2016 developed the political dimension of discussions with livestock sector stakeholders. The Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, as well as various presidential primary candidates, were able to speak and convey their messages to exhibitors and livestock farmers during SPACE.

These visits reinforce SPACE as a platform of expression and discussion to advance the major issues regarding the future of the livestock sectors.

This year's event was again marked by innovations that benefit animal production. The 50 Innov'Space award-winners presented at the stands, including 5 special commendations, enhanced the quality of the presentations at SPACE.

The theme of the Research and Development Village was "Producing for the Future – Climate – Energy – Land Use".

We succeeded in getting farmers to embrace the issue of greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon market, by showing them that solutions already exist and can be put to use immediately. It also demonstrates their ability to plan ahead.

The SPACE was again a springboard for employment and international trade thanks to 300 job vacancies at the job-dating events organised by APECITA, and more than 300 BtoB meetings organised by Entreprise Europe Network between exhibitors and international investors.

The animal presentations also boosted the appeal and quality of our event. 550 cattle of different breeds provided a continuous spectacle in the main ring.

150 sheep and goats of 10 different breeds were also shown. The Montbeliarde breed and the Rouge des Prés breed were the two breeds in the spotlight this year. Their involvement and the quality of their presentations were highly praised.

The 70 conferences, debates and seminars that took place during the four days gave this year's event a new dimension, as livestock farmers were able to express their needs and expectations, in line with the ambition of the creators of SPACE.

The thirtieth SPACE concluded with an excellent record in terms of discussions and contacts, based on trust, in a spirit of construction and progress. The organisers look forward to seeing you at SPACE 2017, from 12 to 15 September at the Rennes Exhibition Centre.

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