September 27, 2016

28/09/2016: Binmaster 3DLevelScanner makes a mountain out of a molehill harvest 2016

When you put your grain into storage, manage it with an inventory management system that is accurate within one percent to three percent of capacity.

Only the non-contact 3D scanner measures and maps multiple points on the material surface. Radar and laser only measure one point.
Binmaster 3DLevelScanner

More measurement points mean more volumetric accuracy to truly maximise storage capacity. And only the 3D system gives you a 3D visual of how grain is piled in your bin.

See cone up, cone down, buildup, and manage your filling for maximum capacity.

The bigger the bin, the more measurement points you'll need for greater accuracy. 3D offers a multiple sensor configuration for the biggest bins.

By combining the measurement points from all sensors, you get volume accuracy you won't get from any other sensor.

A 3D inventory system has all this:

•             RS-485 or 4-20 mA output compatible with your HMI
•             MultiVision software for monitoring all bins on your secure LAN
•             Wireless radios to get your data from the bins to a PC or network switch
•             Self-cleaning acoustic technology with minimal maintenance and no air purge
•             The only sensor with optional 3D visualisation of bin topography

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