July 31, 2017

01/08/2017: First full colour optical sorter for rice installed in the Caribbean

Rice is one of the most important agricultural products in the Dominican Republic, it has a major political, economic and social impact on the Dominican society

These reasons, among others, are why rice millers in the country are always looking for ways to improve the quality and production capacity of rice being sold to consumers. One of the most important characteristics of the final processed rice grain is its appearance.
Roberto Familia and Team with REZS
Image credit: SATAKE Group

Consumers in the Caribbean have come to expect high quality rice that shows a uniform and consistent bright white colour. There are many types of processing machines and equipment to help clean the product, but the optical sorter sits at the heart of the operation and can be considered the most important.

The full colour sorter serves as a final quality check at the end of the processing line, removing any remaining defective product such as foreign material or damaged and discoloured grains. Satake, a world leader in rice milling technology, recently launched their new, cost-effective, high capacity optical sorting platform, the REZS colour sorter in Latin America.

This full colour innovative sorting technology has been proven worldwide as an industry standard for rice inspection and defect removal. Earlier this year in the Dominican Republic, Mr Rafael “Negro” Hernandez, owner of Agroservicios del Cibao and representative for Satake, successfully installed and started-up the first Satake REZS in the Caribbean for Federación Gregorio Luperon.

The cost-effective Satake REZS colour sorter delivers high capacity clean rice at a price that every processing mill can afford. This type of machine not only increases Federación Gregorio Luperon’s quality and reputation, but customers are also very satisfied with the superior product.

Mr Roberto Familia, the company’s President, comments in a recent interview; “Our clients are also happy. Our sales are increasing because we are sending them higher quality rice. We are also not getting any more returned product with this machine. We have excellent rice quality now.”

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