July 06, 2017

06/07/2017: Meeting the demand for news in the milling sector

What's in a post? 

If our statistics are anything to go by then there's a lot of useful information being disseminated via our postings. The Global Miller - the digital news service for Milling and Grain magazine - is now reaching more readers than ever before in our niche sector with monthly views (counting each unique reader just once in a one-month period) in excess of 30,000. Some months we are reaching over 50,000 readers. 

The Global Miller publishes all that is interesting to the milling sector and its crop-related industries. Those items include company news, news from conferences and exhibitions, news from visits we make, press releases received (they take priority) and stories from the internet that we feel might not reach our niche audience in a timely manner. 

We attribute everything we publish to its source, whether that's a company, individual, related publication or website, in the traditional way journalism does. Just because something is published in one part of the world yesterday, does not mean it's not news in another part today. Our job is to keep all readers interested in all things milling up-to-date with developments and information no matter where or when it was first reported.

The Global Miller is about 'news' and the best of the news reported via The Global Miller may subsequently appear in print (and online) in our monthly English editions or as often is the case, in our bi-monthly in print (and online) multilingual editions of Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French and Turkish. 

"I would like to thank all our regular contributors for supporting The Global Miller and making it the successful news site it has become over the past six years," says Roger Gilbert, publisher.

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