July 20, 2017

21/07/2017: Electromagnetic Frequency Technology: The future of feed?

An interview with Tim Khametov, Ceresco Nutrition, Canada

Ceresco Nutrition is the company behind the groundbreaking product SILICA+ that is used in animal feed. Their aim is to rethink the concept of feed by offering a unique and technologically advanced procedure of ‘’informing’’ which increases animal performance, improves their welfare and reduces the environmental impact. Milling and Grain caught up with visionary entrepreneur Luigi Pomponi, the president of Ceresco for over 15 years, to find out more about the company, the product and their future plans.

Can you give our readers an overview of what your product is?
Well perhaps the best way to start is to say if feed additives were petrol automobiles, Silica+ would be the electric automobile. Both will get you from point A to point B, but not with the same environmental impact and not with the same final cost.

We use a high purity grade natural silica from the quartz family, capacitated with a specific quantum of electromagnetic energy that is capable of synchronising vibrations of matter (nutrients, water, minerals, acidifiers, antibiotics, enzymes, probiotics, etc.) in feed and also cell organelles thus improving all kinds of biochemical exchanges.


So what prompted the development of your groundbreaking SILICA+ solution?
Like most revolutionary inventions, it all started with a problem. Producers in France at the time were having various problems getting their swine to grow properly due to disease and other issues like excessive ammonia emission in the air and contamination of ground water by excess nitrate rejection.

One of our company founders Jean-Paul was looking for a sustainable solution for the suffering industry. After several years of research and collaboration with experts in quantum physics a first version of the product was available for testing.

Can you give me an overview of the development process with regard to the time taken and the testing criteria?
Farmers in France used the first version of the product locally about 10 years ago. Initial results, while promising, required the product to be mixed into a water container and sprayed into each pen once or twice a week. It was effective, however, the process was too time consuming and just not practical.

Fast-forward to three years later, the same technology was used to create a more stable version of the product that could be mixed directly into the animal’s feed. This new version was improved in order to additionally increase its positive effect on animal growth performance. Electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) technology as you can imagine is quite a new concept for nutritionists. Convincing them that this was not just another way of adding cost but that it would be a lasting part of the industry’s future was not going to be easy.

Thankfully, today more and more feed companies in swine, poultry, layers and aquaculture are taking note because in addition to its environmental benefits, the effectiveness of the product can be measured on weight gain, feed efficiency and mortality.

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