July 12, 2017

13/07/2017: A five day full time course in Dry Pasta, by Pavan, Italy

The FOODTECHMASTER is a series of professional training courses organised by Pavan with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise on food production technology

The next edition will take place in October 2017 and will focus on Dry Pasta production, which is a 
5 days, full time course.

Spaghetti worlds
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Complete training
The seminars will be held by Professors of the academic community and Process Engineers of Pavan Dry Pasta Division. Topics will cover the entire pasta production process, from theoretical aspects to extremely practical issues as trials in a pilot plant and panel tests for sensory evaluation.

Raw materials and pasta, fundamentals of rheology, thermodynamics, heat treatment and drying rocess, production technology and processing, energy recovery and efficiency, hygiene and hygienic safety, process automation, packaging, non conventional pasta.

Plant Managers, Production Managers, R&D Managers, Quality Control Managers, Production Engineers

5 days, 9th - 13th October 2017
Arrival: Oct. 8th (Sunday) evening.
Departure: Oct. 13th (Friday) afternoon.
Pick up from/to Venice Airport, Treviso Airport, Padova Train Station

English. The course may be available in other languages depending on the total number of applicants for a given language.)

Course venue
Pavan Conference Centre Pavan Group Headquarters, Galliera Veneta (Padova)

Hotel la Filanda Cittadella (Padova)
Distance from Pavan Headquarters: 5 km, 5 minutes by car/coach.

Course fee
Euro 3,500, to be paid in advance by bank transfer.

Filiale di Cittadella – PD.

Iban: IT57 B 06225 62520 07400612227H
Account N: 612227/H
Swift: IBSPIT2P375

Course Overview

8th October
- Welcome dinner at the Filanda restaurant (in the hotel)

9th October
- Welcome greetings and Course introduction
- Quality of raw materials and pasta: cereals characteristics, starches chemistry, proteins chemistry, minor elements, optimal process parameters, analytical, organoleptic and nutritional aspects
- Basics of rheology: materials characteristics, empirical measures, deformations and stress, elastic and accumulation moduli, shear rate, analytic methods
- Production technology: kneading and extrusion (mixing, gluten development, possible kneading systems, screw configuration, shear rate, forming die)

- Application of thermodynamics to the drying process: heat exchange principles, air and its water content, balance diagrams, drying kinetics
- Heat treatments on cereal flours: enzymatic activity, effects of milling, basics of amino acids and sugars chemistry, Maillard reaction, furosine test, product final quality

- Production technology, drying process: state of the art, dryer types, balance curves, diagrams, effects on the product
- Energy recovery and efficiency
- Dough forming tests in Pavan R&D: differences between durum and soft wheat, elasticity and elongation, gluten tensile strength, colour, various extrusion conditions
- Pasta production tests in Pavan R&D: different effects of drying diagrams on the products

- Packaging: packaging research, conventional polymers, latest materials, vertical and horizontal packaging machines
- Maintenance philosophy and guidelines
- Preventive Maintenance
- Evaluation of pasta made during the production tests

- Process automation: PLC, operator interface, system and factory architecture, supervising system, remote assistance
- The other pastas: gluten free pasta, pre-cooked pasta, pasta from minor cereals, whole wheat pasta, sheeted pasta, pasta with special additives, oriental noodles.
- Feedback, certificates and final greetings 

For more information visit the course website, HERE.

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