July 05, 2017

06/07/2017: Flour milling training and education held for sub-Saharan region millers

The US Wheat Associates and the IGP Institute team up to offer training course for millers from the Sub-Saharan region

With a desire to learn more about milling, 11 participants representing the Sub-Saharan region came to the Kansas State University IGP Institute to learn about milling methods and practices as part of a recent two-week training.

The US Wheat Associates Sub-Saharan Region Flour Milling course participants experience wheat harvest in Kansas at Joe Kejr’s farm near Salina, Kansas
Image credit: IGP KSU

The US Wheat Associates Sub–Saharan Region Flour Milling course was held June 18–30, 2017.

Along with laboratory exercises in the Hal Ross Flour Mill, Shellenberger mill and baking lab, and classroom presentations on the KSU campus, participants also went on field trips to several rural areas in Kansas.

“I thought the course was very informative,” says Tim Emmerson, production manager at Pioneer Foods in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. “It kind of refreshes you and reminds you of things that you are supposed to do.”

He adds, “I will be teaching the youngsters how to mill properly, mill basics, the proper way of being taught and making sure that they gain as much from me as I have gained from this course.”

The course covered many aspects of milling including wheat classes, structure and functionality; US grain inspection system; principles of grain storage for wheat; an overview of the milling industry in the US; principles of wheat cleaning; principles of wheat conditioning; flour and dough testing practices and methods; impact of wheat quality on milling extraction and flour quality; and managing the process and mill control.

Participants in the course also toured several facilities including the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center in Manhattan, Kansas; Ardent Mills Flour Mill in Newton, Kansas; Cargill Elevator near Salina, Kansas; a farm tour and wheat harvest visit at Joe Kejr’s farm near Salina, Kansas; Farmer Direct Foods in New Cambria, Kansas; US

Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Services in Manhattan, Kansas; and a train excursion on the Smokey Hill Train.

Along with the customised trainings, the IGP Institute offers courses in the areas of flour milling and grain processing, feed manufacturing and grain quality management, and grain marketing and risk management.

To learn more about these other training opportunities, visit the IGP Institute website, HERE


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