July 05, 2017

06/07/2017: Perry of Oakley Ltd reflects upon 70 years of innovation

by Abi Young, Perry of Oakley, UK

Established in 1947, this year marks the 70th anniversary for Perry of Oakley Ltd, one of the UK’s most experienced manufacturers of materials handling and drying equipment

During those 70 years, it has witnessed first-hand the evolution of the agricultural industry. Perry of Oakley Ltd was founded by Tom Perry, a farmer’s son, who offered a mobile repair and manufacturing service to local farmers and businesses in the Oakley, Basingstoke area of Hampshire.
Jog through grain conveyor 1952
Image credit: Perry of Oakley

In 1949, Tom Perry designed and built Perry of Oakley’s very first belt and bucket elevator with a capacity of 5tph. These early cleaners were equipped with mechanical sieves and aspiration to lift off dust and light rubbish.

Today, Perry’s range of belt and bucket elevators are suitable for agricultural and industrial use and are available in capacities up to 1000tph at heights of up to 30m. 1949 also saw the introduction of Perry’s first grain cleaner.

These early cleaners were equipped with mechanical sieves and aspiration to lift off dust and light rubbish. Today, Perry offer aspirator pre-cleaners and rotary drum cleaners, ensuring there is a solution for every customer’s needs. During the early 1950s, many new farm mechanisation aids were designed by Tom Perry and manufactured in Oakley.

These included tractor mounted buck rakes, trailers, dust reduction systems for combine harvesters and jog trough grain conveyors driven by petrol engines or electric motors. These conveyors had capacities of up to 5tph; as capacity requirements increased the first chain and flight conveyors were developed.

These conveyors were the fore runners of the conveyors that Perry’s currently design and manufacture with capacities up to 1000tph. Since 1950, Perry of Oakley has sold over 18,500 machines, which averages at over 1.2 machines per day, every day, every single year since then.

Their machines have handled and dried everything from standard cereals to digestate, pellets, minerals, dust, woodchip and even waste fish! Perry is so confident in the capabilities and longevity of its machines that it is now offering a 10-year guarantee on its standard agricultural conveyors (T’s & C’s apply).

Tom grew the business from a mobile repair service, to employing engineers to build and design handling equipment in a converted greenhouse, to eventually in 1952, the first factory was built in Oakley measuring 60 foot x 40 foot. Tom’s son, Nigel Perry joined the business in 1972 and shortly after Pat, Nigel’s wife also came on board.

Under Nigel’s leadership Perry’s expanded to such a degree that in 1974 a brand new, purpose-built factory was built in Oakley to house the company. By 1990, the business had expanded again and required an even larger premises and Nigel made the decision to relocate the business down to Devon on to their current site.

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