July 09, 2017

10/07/2017: A successful IAOM exhibition in New Orleans

by Darren Parris, Group President, Milling and Grain Magazine

As the sun sets over the city that never sleeps, we reflect on yet another successful IAOM exhibition in New Orleans

This year was the 121st Annual IAOM Conference and expo and what a show it was. There were more than 900 delegates in attendance from 23 plus countries, showing this North American chapter of the IAOM has an ever-increasing global reach.

As the leading organisation for professionals in the grain milling industry, this annual get together furnishes those attending with the opportunity to stay up to date with new innovation and good practices available, thus partaking in the comprehensive educational program. 

This year I counted 145 exhibitors, showcasing their newest equipment and services in 213 booths. Many of the booths scheduled in informative and educational Product Showcases which included Chopin Technologies new LabMill, which gives a completely new approach to laboratory experimental milling.

With this unique product a miller can test wheat and produce results that are representative of results form an industrial milling terms of flour quality, extraction, ash and starch damage. When compared to a reference mill, more than 87 percent of extraction rates on various varieties of wheat were correctly predicted, within one percent, while maintaining representative ash values.

Other product showcases included a food safety management application form Dekra, Antimicrobial composite material from OCRIM Spa and a Halo Automatic Metal detection testing system from Fortress Technology.

In addition to the product showcases form Vibronet-Gräf Gmb and Co and Buhler, there were four educational tracts happening simultaneously, two of which we will be covering in the Milling and Grain magazine which are Edward Lapreze from Pepper Maintenance talk on – What is reliability and why do you need it and John Putnam’s talk on RF pasteurisation and the wave of the future.

So, with well-attended product showcases and full educational programs we can confidently say IAOM 121st in New Orleans was an outstanding success and missing out could cost you thousands in mill operations.

Well done to Melinda Farris and her team at IAOM and a big thank you to Brad Allen in his role as President this past year. One of the many highlights for me at the expo was seeing first hand the Quick Patch product by Bulls Eye Products.

Quick Patch is a very unique and easy to use UV or sunlight activated, self-adhesive repair patch. These patches are effortlessly impressive, and if you’re a head miller it would seem to make tremendous sense to invest in one in the same way you would invest in first aid kits for your staff. These Patches range in price from USD $15 to USD $50 and are sold in multi packs.

They are something you should regard as first aid kits for your mill. They can patch up any broken pipe, silo or conveyor in minutes; one patch can save you thousands. These patches will set rock hard and be a permanent fix.

A superb conclusion to the conference was the IMEF auction reaching its goal of raising $1,000,000. Thank you to all who contributed and bid. Keep an eye out for the technical reports form the show that will follow in our June and July editions of Milling and Grain magazine.

Read the full show report, HERE.

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