June 24, 2011

11,080 farm positions need to be filled or else agricultural loss looms

In the State of Georgia when the Governor Nathan Deal's decided to replace migrant workers in the fields with probationers he got a shock because his plan has seriously backfired. Some of the Criminals started to walk off the job because it was too hard for them. Now with a shortfall of field workers to do the job, some 11,080 people are needed.

“The thing that you gotta have when you have crops in the field, you have to have a dependable work force,” Hall said. “You got to work through enough people. If you need a crew of six, you may have to start with 20.” In prior years, Hall said, “you probably had a crew leader who had people who worked with him. He put six people in the field and he got your squash picked.” Bryan Tolar, president of the Georgia Agribusiness Council, said farms have already lost US$300 (€211,237.8) million and could lose up to US$1 (€0.704) billion if it does not get access to a reliable workforce. Read more ...

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