June 13, 2011

Weather conditions causing uncertainty in EU feed production

The European compound feed manufacturers (Fefac) have provided final estimates for the compound feed production for the EU -27 in 2010. Lower availability of forages and cereals due to drought affecting key EU producing areas may trigger a higher demand for industrial compound feed.

The total production estimate for the EU-27 is now set at 150 million tonnes i.e. 1.4 percent above the figure for 2009 but still below the record level of 2008 (153.4 million tonnes). The slight recovery was mostly linked to poultry feed, with a + three percent increase vs. 2009, whereas cattle feed recovered by one percent while pig feed remained stable (-0.1 percent). For the first time ever in the EU, poultry feed overtook pig feed to become the leading segment of compound feed. Read more ...

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