June 17, 2011

Danisco Animal Nutrition looks at the benefit of e-coli phytase

Danisco Animal Nutrition announced a breakthrough in the antinutrient effect of phytate in animal nutrition that can result in lower feed costs. Published in the journal Analytical Biochemistry the research shows that e-coli derived phytases are much better at breaking down theses phytate-protein.

Phyzyme XP showed the greatest efficiency. Also in addition the more phytase used the quicker the breakdown happens. Peter Plumstead, of Danisco Animal Nutrition, explained: “Phytate-protein complexes occur naturally in the upper digestive tract of animals. The investigation confirmed that under pH and temperature conditions close to those found in the upper part of the animal’s digestive tract, E.coliphytases showed higher activity in breaking down phytate-protein complexes.” Read more ...
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