June 10, 2011

Fefac president: “Europe is feed lab of the world”

“We, in Europe, develop the sustainable technologies that will help feed the world in the future,” said Patrick Vanden Avenne, president of the European feed manufacturers association Fefac at their 54th General Assembly in Bruges this week. Around 80 delegates gathered from Tuesday in the historical centre of Bruges in Belgium, representing the European feed industry. Despite the crisis the industry had to face in the past year Fefac wanted to bring a positive message.

“The development model for the European feed and livestock sector is indeed about two things: technological innovation and sustainability. They are two the two sides of one coin, they are Siamese twins,” Vanden Avenne said. As an example the Fefac President named the reintroduction of processed animal proteins, which will evidently make a contribution to a sustainable reduction of imported proteins and a more sustainable use of what is now often considered waste material. Read more ...

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