June 15, 2011

Food and feed safety – A joint responsibility

It is apparent that there is a clear responsibility in the food chain for all parties involved regarding food and feed safety. This responsibility is best addressed jointly and not in isolation. Reliable suppliers are essential to guarantee safety and traceability in the feed to fork. Transparency and communication is of paramount importance in getting ‘the message’ to the final consumer in a clear and concise format. In other words, collaboration is the ‘key’ word to succeed under current conditions that require a high degree of safety for the foods we all consume daily.

Modern agriculture and globalisation have brought about an unprecedented abundance of food and freedom from hunger for many developed and developing countries around the world. In exchange, however, we have been exposed to several food related scares on a scale that transcends traditional frontiers. Names like ‘mad cow’ disease, salmonellosis, melamine and dioxin come easily to mind and require no further elucidation  Read more ...

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