December 02, 2013

02/12/13: New HGCA wheat list offers greater choice to growers

News courtesy of the HGCA, the cereals and oilseeds division of the agriculture and horticulture development board (AHDB).
New varieties on the 2014/15 HGCA Recommended Lists will help growers target specific markets and assist with pest and disease control.

In total, 25 varieties have been added to the HGCA Recommended Lists, while 23 varieties have been removed.
“The new varieties added to the Lists push yields forward but care has been taken to   provide a good choice for growers looking for varieties with specific agronomic characteristics which can help maximise the potential of their farm,” says Dr Simon Oxley, HGCA, who manages the Recommended Lists.
“Processors should also welcome one or two good new varieties for all the main markets,” he adds.
An important change to the HGCA Wheat List this year is the testing of Group 1 bread-making wheats. Millers’ organisation nabim will now give new bread making wheat varieties a provisio
nal nabim Group 1 rating (P) when each year’s Lists are published in December.  

This will be followed by testing of commercial quantities which will confirm the provisional Group 1 status.  Final Group 1 classifications will be published in April each year. 

For more information, visit nabim's website here.

Logo of the HGCA (Photo credit: HGCA)

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