December 11, 2013

11/12/13: UK's first 'social supermarket'; United Soybean Board prepares for 2014; Indonesia invests in feed mills

Britain's first "social supermarket" has opened its doors, offering shoppers on the verge of food poverty the chance to buy food and drink for up to 70% less than normal high-street prices, reports British national daily newspaper the Guardian .

Individuals who shop at Community Shop will not only get access to cheaper food, but will also be offered programmes of wider social and financial support, such as debt advice, cookery skills and home budgeting.
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With the growth in soybean acres, the United Soybean Board (USB) has added a new farmer-leader. That new director, from Mississippi, was sworn in yesterday with 12 other new and 22 reappointed directors at USB’s Annual Meeting.

Shortly after being sworn in, these directors took part in electing new leadership to begin the strategic-planning process for the next year.
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The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) recently confirmed that it will back two crop science companies in their court case regarding the European Commission’s decision to ban neonicotinoids - a new class of insecticides.

“The AIC Board has approved taking action to defend the points of principle which both cases brought by Bayer CropSciences and Syngenta involve,” said David Caffall, chief executive, AIC.
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Produce section in a supermarket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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