December 17, 2013

17/12/13: Event: VIV International Nigeria Summit

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With the majority of its ruminants - cattle, sheep and goats - supplied with fodder feeds harvested from rangelands and grazing reserves, Nigeria's livestock and poultry production industries are under constant development.

In light of this, VIV and local partner Nate Farms Int. will present the International Nigeria Summit 2014 - a one-day programme that will focus on the country's animal protein production. Animal protein plays an important role in food security, mainly due to its excellent nutritional value. 

What will the International Nigeria Summit include?
The summit will feature a range of technical practices seminar sessions presented by international experts. 

The main objectives of the summit include: 

Modernization of the Nigerian Animal Protein Industries
Listed as one of the world’s 5 most rapidly growing countries for poultry meat and egg production by Rabobank, Nigeria shows a tremendous potential and will face many challenges. The Nigerian population will grow significantly, resulting in a sharp rise in demand for food.

Protein and Nutrition 
According to VIV, Nigerian Feed millers are showing a great interest in other protein sources in order to meet the demand of farmers and tackle the country's protein deficiency in animal production.

Farm Management

Sustainable farm management is one of the biggest challenges facing agriculture in Nigeria, yet it is one of the most important if farms are to meet the federal government's agenda on food security and sustainability.

The summit will look at farming techniques including:
 - improving animal production and quality

 - investigating novel products from livestock

 - identifying methods of improving animal health and welfare

Youth & Women empowerment
More and more women and young people are beginning to explore the potential of employment in the country's agricultural sector with an increased interest in the poultry, fish farming, dairy, livestock and cropping sectors.

VIV has voiced its commitment to atrract young people and women to the International Nigeria Summit 2014 as a platform for education and innovation.

Who is the International Nigeria Summit for? 
The summit will offer excellent opportunities to establish valuable relationships with Nigerian professionals. It is set to attract both private and public parties producers, processors, marketers, traders and exporters. 

When/where is the International Nigeria Summit? 
The Summit is scheduled to take place on 15 January 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel Abuja, Nigeria.

For more information and to register, visit VIV's website here...

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