December 06, 2013

06/12/13: World cereal production reaches new high; grain shipping in the Panama Canal; zinc oxide in livestock feed

According to estimates from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), world cereal production for 2013 will reach a new high of almost 2 500 million tonnes.

The figure is almost 8.4% more than last year and  6% above the previous record in 2011, according to the latest issue of the FAO's  Crop Prospects and Food Situation Report.

Based on the latest figures, the overall increase in world cereal output this year comprises a rise of 7.8% in wheat production.
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The Panama Canal’s marketing division has reported that the 48 mile ship channel is experiencing a strong grain shipping season, with dry bulkers registering record grain cargoes during the first two months of the current fiscal year.

Based on the division's analysis, a total of 5.2 million long tons of grains were transported through the waterway in October of this year, the highest level recorded in two years.
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Enzyme manufacturer Canadian Bio-Systems Inc., (CBS Inc.) has received registration approval for its innovative nutritional supplement; BioZinc 20X.

The supplement is designed to enhance feed performance though the slow release of zinc oxide in poultry, swine, cattle, sheep and equine.

"This product is a proven performer in the U.S. that represents a new way to improve profitability for livestock operations," says Mark Peters, sales and marketing manager, CBS Inc.
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Panama Canal Gaillard Cut
Panama Canal Gaillard Cut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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