December 05, 2013

05/12/13: Animal nutrition in the Netherlands; UK called to back biofuels industry; Marine veteran killed after silo collapse

Animal nutrition specialist Denkavit, the Netherlands has announced it is to acquire the young animal nutrition activity from Vreugdenhil Feed Division, also of the Netherlands.

With this acquisition, Denkavit will further its position in the international market of young animal nutrition.
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In light of the upcoming European vote on biofuels which takes place on 12 December 2013, a National Farmer's Union (NFU) delegation will call for the UK government to back the biofuels industry.

"Make no mistake, the biofuels industry is incredibly beneficial, adding value to our grain and oilseeds for feed and fuel markets," Brett Askew, NFU biofuels spokesman told local reporters. 
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Late last night, emergency responders in Roy, Washington, USA announced they had recovered the body of a man who was buried under tons of corn following the collapse of a grain silo operated by Wilcox Family Farms

Officials at the scene said the man - 44-year old Steven Green - was a U.S. Marine veteran. His body was given a full military ceremonial procession out of the collapse scene after the recovery.
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