February 06, 2015

06/02/2015: Muyang is focusing on ever-improving workmanship and excellence in product manufacturing

Manufacturing is vital for Muyang’s Flawless Project Delivery (FPD) in providing quality machines and equipment. Since moving into the new, state-of-the-art facility in May 2013 the manufacturing team of FAMSUN Feedmill Solutions have been continuously updating their knowledge, skill and standards in machine manufacturing and new tool use and have made great achievements in the past one and a half years.

Working with leading manufacturing tool companies, FAMSUN has introduced advanced production technologies such as CNC machining centers, welding robots, chain assembly systems, lean manufacturing management etc into its workshops, in the quest for ever-greater precision and higher quality for every  FAMSUN product - from material processing to machining, painting and assembly. The manufacturing unit also has the first grinder assembly line in the industry. It is now able to produce all the machines, spare parts and pre-fabricated parts to satisfy various kinds of feed mills’ production demands.


Since moving to the new industrial park, the FAMSUN manufacturing team has been continually striving to improve the efficiency of its production lines and the quality of its products. In 2014 the on-time delivery of machines exceeded 99 percent and products passed by the Quality Control department reached nearly 100 percent.

The manufacturing team has made such innovations in technological processes, general arrangement and logistics so as to deliver products on time and increase efficiency. The number of expired orders has dropped dramatically and manual ordering has been weeded out. As a result, data accuracy has increased.

In 2014 the FAMSUN Feedmill Solutions manufacturing team carried out an environmental responsibility plan to eliminate noise and control fire risk.
By organizing their Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) the team has solved 66 product polishing and welding problems and put forward 101 quality improving suggestions. In carrying out this plan the team has successfully applied for a national patent for an Automatic Assembly Device. Through these measures, product quality has been improved and customer satisfaction has increased.

The second manufacturing skill competition was hosted on November 6th 2014 in FAMSUN’s workshops. Participants this year included not only Muyang’s FAMSUN Feedmill Solutions staff but also suppliers. Overall, the competition attracted 217 participants, including 87 suppliers.

The skill competition included argon arc welding, metal-shielded gas arc welding, lathe machining, painting quality troubleshooting, SAP operation, material identification, forklift truck driving etc. After a fierce competition, one of the local suppliers won the Best Group Award, and 57 participants won the first, second and third prizes.

The high quality of every Muyang product depends not only on cutting-edge manufacturing tools, but also on the dedicated workmanship of operators and their knowledge and experience as well as outsourcing parts with the same high quality standards. The skill improvement, knowledge sharing and training of its staff and suppliers’ staff ensures Muyang’s continued growth with a highly-skilled team creating quality products for satisfied customers.

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