February 17, 2015

17/02/2015: VIV Asia 2015 to host new one-day pet health and nutrition conference

First reported in Milling and Grain, January 2015

There’s a new health and nutrition event for feed manufacturers coming in the first quarter of 2015. It’s called the Pet Health and Nutrition Conference and will be held on the opening day of VIV Asia 2015 in Bangkok’s BITEC on March 11.

This one-day conference will be offered in four two-hour segments, that cover a comprehensive range of pet health and nutrition issues from a feed manufacturer’s point-of-view.

Session 1 will look at both global and Asian pet business trends with two presentations being given and both supported by the session’s media partner Euromonitor International.


Session 2 will look at petfood ingredients and additives and will offer two presentations, the first on ‘Natural trends affecting petfood ingredients (feed materials and additives)’ and the second ‘Functional trends calling for effective petfood ingredients’. Anton Beynen of Vobra Special Petfoods will be the presenter of both topics. The media partner for this session is AllAboutFeed.

Session 3, which is being sponsored by Milling and Grain, will address petfood processing technology and present two papers. They will be: ‘Natural Petfood Processing Technologies’ and ‘Functional Petfood Processing Technologies’.  These two key presentations will be made by Wenger Manufacturing’s Companion Animal Division Director of Processing, Galen Rokey.

The presentation on ‘Natural Petfood Processing Technologies’ will include a discussion on rawhide diets, frozen/refrigerated diets pet treats, raw diets, dehydrated diets and HPP-processed diets, forming, and canned (retort) products.

Mr Rokey plans to cover the ‘Functional Petfood Processing Technologies’ presentation as well and will include pre-conditioning/extrusion, baking, and pelleting with an emphasis on extrusion in a generic and non-commercial manner to include discussions on preconditioning/extrusion technologies, high meat diets, GF diets, treats and semi-moist and dry diets.

He will also discuss why extrusion is a major process for functional technologies which includes areas such as:

1) Cooking of starch and impact on protein digestibility
2) Unique ingredients and their impact on the process (high meats, probiotics, semi-moist preservatives, etc.) and coating
3) Pasteurization
4) Decreasing mycotoxin levels and other UGFs
5) Textural development
6) Preservation of vitamins and other heat-sensitive nutrients
7) Energy efficiencies 

Session 4 will focus on pet healthcare and deliver three topics. The first will be ‘Dietary/Therapeutic Petfood’, the second ‘Pharmaceutics’ and the third ‘Diagnostics’ to cover areas such as obesity, atrose and osthearthritis, chronic kidney disease and atopy or skin allergies.  

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