February 12, 2015

12/02/2015: BOOK REVIEW: Rice Processing - The comprehensive guide to global technology and innovative projects

First published in Milling and Grain, January 2015

Rice is the single most important staple food on earth. This being so, it is amazing that until now there has not been a single standard reference text that everyone in the rice industry knows and can refer to.

This book aims to fill that gap. It is for anyone and everyone involved in the processing and trade of rice worldwide.

It draws on the experience of a substantial group of experts from across the globe. With each expert writing a chapter or section on their own specialist area, it brings together everything anyone will need for a day-to-day working knowledge of the industry.


The first chapter gives an overview of rice biology, genetics and the history of its domestication and usage, with a glimpse forward to its future in the light of climate change.

Next, there is a concise but satisfying treatment of the history of the rice trade from colonial times, through the 2008 food crisis and on into the years to come. It considers each period in turn and the various political, social and environmental reasons for the changes that have taken place.

Chapter three provides an excellent set of guidelines on all aspects of post-harvest processing: drying, cooling conservation, storage and parboiling. There are detailed explanations clearing up common misconceptions and excellent, readily understandable graphs and charts showing everything the user needs to know at a glance. 

 There are chapters dealing with milling, quality assessment, food safety, regional highlights and value added rice products and co-products. Each goes into superb but not excessive detail, with a distinct lack of jargon. Any industry-specific terms that are in the text are explained so even a layman can grasp them. Full-colour photographs and diagrams clarify more difficult concepts.

The layout of the book is extremely user-friendly. In addition to a detailed contents page, there is also a ‘map’ showing the overall structure of the work. If this were not enough, there is also a title on every even-numbered page announcing the chapter, and the title on every odd page shows the specific sub-topic it is dealing with.

Finally, this is not just an important reference work. Written in an engaging manner, it’s actually an enjoyable read as well.

Whatever your involvement in the industry - academic, scientist, miller, engineer or trader - this book deserves a place on your bookshelf.   

Review by Malachi Stone, Milling and Grain

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