February 12, 2015

12/02/2015: New online codes make it easier to invite your customers to visit the GEAPS Expo

GEAPS is working hard to make it easier for visitors to participate in the Exchange Expo, and we’re pleased to let you know about important changes to the Expo-only Coupons for Exchange 2015.

All of the policies for Expo-only passes will remain the same. However, GEAPS will no longer be issuing paper coupons.  Instead, we are giving you a coupon code that you can give to your customers, so they can go online and register for a one day expo-only pass and pay the discounted rate of $25.  Without a coupon code, the cost for a one day expo-only registration is $50 for a GEAPS member and $75 for a non-member. 


When your customer completes his or her online registration with the coupon code you have provided, they will receive an email confirmation.  Shortly before the Exchange, they will receive a bar code via email. On-site, they can provide their name or the bar code and registration staff will immediately print their badge, thereby reducing wait times in line and giving them more time in the Expo hall.

The coupon codes being used are automatically tallied in the Exchange registration system. Once your company’s allotment of one day expo-only coupon code registrations has been used up by your customers, your code will be disabled. It will be important for you to closely track your code distribution so you are not giving out the code more times than the number of coupons you have been allocated. If you want to verify how many times your coupon code has been used, please contact registration@geaps.com.

When you distribute the coupon code to your customers, you will want to let them know to only use it for themselves and not pass it on to others as GEAPS will be unable to control who registers online using the code.  If you would like, you can allow someone to use the coupon code to register for more than one day of expo only passes.  For instance, if they want to attend the expo on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, you can tell them that they can register for an expo only pass for all of those days using the coupon code that you’ve given them.  Doing that would subtract three coupons from your allotment.

Pre-registering online for their one day expo-only pass will save your customers time onsite.  However, if for some reason they cannot register online, they can bring the coupon code with them to the Exchange and use it onsite as long as your company’s coupon code allotment hasn’t been used up by that point.

Lastly, if you would like to pay for your customers to attend the expo for free, please contact conferences@geaps.com.  We will send you an order form to pay the discounted rate of $25 for each one day expo-only registration that you would like to purchase.  After doing so, we will send you a different code that your customers can use to register free of charge.  

Perendale Publishers Limited’s Coupon Code to give to Customers

Coupon Code:  BKE191

Allotment:  20

(You receive 10 coupons for every 10x10 exhibit space you have rented.  If you have signed-up to be a display advertiser in the 2015-2016 edition of the DirectaSource, you have received double the allotment.  Each time a coupon code is used for a one day expo-only registration, one coupon is subtracted from your allotment.)
Your customers can pre-register using the coupon code you have provided by clicking HERE. 

They will select whether they are a GEAPS member or not.  If using a coupon code for one-day expo-only registration, the price will be the same whether they are or are not a GEAPS member.  They will enter the coupon code you have given them on this page where it says, “If you have a special registration code, please enter it in the box below.”  When they reach the Registration Page, they will need to scroll-down until they see “Expo-Only Registration.”  They will see that the price to attend one day of expo is only $25.00 and they can then select which day or days they would like to attend.  The online registration system will guide them through the rest of the registration process.
Unclaimed Coupons Are Available Beginning January 26

Contact Brittany or Caitlin at GEAPS at conferences@geaps.com or 952-928-4640 beginning January 26 to ask for additional coupons. Coupons that have gone unused by other exhibiting companies’ customers will be available to you on a first-come, first-serve basis. Request up to equal the number of coupons in your original allotment.  If there are unused coupons available, we will add them to your allotment and you can continue to distribute your coupon code to customers.

If you have any questions, please contact Brittany or Caitlin at conferences@geaps.com or 952-928-4640.

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