February 27, 2015

27/02/2015: Openfield loads 25,000 tonnes of oilseed rape for Turkey

Oilseed rape from more than 7000 hectares has left the UK, bound for Turkey in what is thought to be the biggest single shipment of its kind for at least two decades.

Openfield head of oilseeds, John Thorpe welcomed the sale saying shipments of this size were essential in helping to move the considerable surplus arising from harvest 2014.
The M.V Dobrota entering port at Bristol Port, UK

The M.V Dobrota is roughly 10 times larger than the typical coaster vessel used to transport oilseed rape to the nearby markets of continental Europe, but it is the ability to service such large ships that has been instrumental in promoting UK-grown commodities to international buyers in 2014.

“This sale was negotiated some time ago, but its importance in helping move the exportable surplus is highly evident.  The strong pound, which recently hit an eight-year high against the euro, means the UK is struggling to be competitive in our nearby markets along the Rhine.”

“This has increased the UK’s reliance on deep-water ports such as that held by Openfield at Bristol Port to meet the needs of far-away markets that prefer the larger vessels,” he added.

The entire shipment was sourced from Openfield members and Openfield grain groups, which further underlines Openfield’s determination to promote itself in international markets as well as being seen as a supplier of quality grains and oilseed to domestic markets.

Visit the Openfield website HERE.

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