February 16, 2015

16/02/2015: Mondi enlarges its durable Polywoven product range

Mondi’s consumer goods packaging product portfolio comprises attractive and convenient solutions for pet food, food, personal and home care as well as other industrial applications. The plastic-based bags range contains a wide array of solutions with excellent finishing features for an eye-catching presentation.

The latest extension of the portfolio features an extremely durable and tear-resistant box-shaped solution, which fulfils all key requirements of large consumer packaging whilst being cost-efficient. The PolywovenBox as well as the PolywovenBag is a lightweight packaging with a large printing surface that offers an attractive communication panel at the point-of-sale.


The market requirements for large consumer packaging bags are widespread, with key issues such as durability and reliability as well as cost-efficiency. In order to successfully differentiate from competitors, the appearance is gaining more and more importance. Taking this into account, Mondi enlarged its portfolio with the PolywovenBox and Bag. Both packaging solutions feature highest durability throughout the life cycle as well as an attention grabbing large printing surface and bottom.

The Polywoven products, produced utilising extrusion lamination technology, are suitable for automatic filling systems and easy to palletise. The strong, reliable packaging solutions embody an ideal brand presentation thanks to their large printing surface. The PolywovenBag can also be printed on the bottom, which is extremely important as large bags are usually presented lying flat in the shelf.

The PolywovenBox is the ideal alternative, as it safely stands upright thanks to its excellent stability and hence grabs customers’ attention. Depending on customer requirements, the surface and bottom can be printed in up to 10 colours (rotogravure or flexo printing) in glossy and matt designs to represent product brands in the best-possible way.

The pinch bottom of the bag is closed with hot melt or hot air technology, whilst its top can be manufactured in different versions, such as open mouth flush cut or pinch top with or without reactive hot melt. After top filling, the bag can be closed with hot air or hot melt, folded with a tape or by stitch closing. In the case of heavy fillings, the top of the bag can be fitted with a high burst slider track and may be filled from the bottom for utmost hygiene and safety.

For maximum convenience and to support an easy handling of heavy products, the pinch bottom bag can be manufactured with a handle in the side gusset and the sturdy box may feature either a punched or a tape handle. The durable Polywoven packaging solutions combine perfect product presentation and eco-friendliness – thanks to its recyclability - with other major advantages, including low weight and tear resistance.

The PolywovenBag and Box are suitable for an abundance of products, such as pet food and cat litter, fertilizer, seeds, flour, sugar or rice.  

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