June 09, 2015

09/06/2015: And the winner is - sorry - the winnerS ARE....

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a tie.

A tale of two rollermills, both equally impressive to the judges, and both therefore taking home the GRAPAS Award for Innovation 2015.


Here's the judging panel's statement and recommendations:

An interesting selection of products has been submitted for judging this year. In judging we have given weighting to the criteria identified in the entry categories for equipment used in relation to the milling of cereal grains. The criteria were in particular Novelty, significant Practical value and the benefits to the user in terms of Efficiency, Safety and Cost effectiveness.

The rollermill is the fundamental grinding machine, not only for flour milling but for most of the cereal and animal feed milling industries. It is remarkable that two examples both exhibiting current ‘state of the art’ technology are on offer at this Conference.

It is fitting that new examples of both a hammermill and a pellet press are also exhibited and there are entries representing important supporting technologies.

The results of the assessment are as follows:

1. Alapala - Similago II Rollermill
The new Similago II is a very fine piece of rollermilling equipment engineered to a high level of aesthetics and ergonomic operation. It is offered in all of the sizes favoured by the industry. The engineering of the machine is considered by the market to be excellent with very good durability, access, maintainability, hygiene and ergonomics.  The exceptional aesthetic design is ideally suited to the requirements of the food industry.

Recommendation: Joint Winner

2. Buhler AG - Antares Plus Rollermill
The Antares Plus rollermill has been developed from the line of market leading rollermills from this manufacturer, which have become very well established. The additional benefits accruing from the inclusion of the particle size measurement device, PSM On-line MYTA, has significant practical value and will contribute to the efficiency of the plants in which they operate.

Recommendation: Joint Winner

3. F. H. Schule Muehlenbau GmbH - Drum Groat Cutter TGS
Processing of oats is gaining in importance as the merits of this cereal are becoming better understood. The TGS design is an evolutionary development which offers important advances in the efficiency of groat cutting. The improvements in operation and maintenance are significant and the product is better for the end user/consumer.

Recommendation: Runner Up

4. DSL Systems Ltd – OEE4 Feed/OEE4 Flour 
The ability to monitor all aspects of a plant performance remotely via the Web shows innovation and is an important advance in plant management with the potential for making efficiency gains.

Recommendation: Highly Commended

5. C.P.M. Europe B.V. - Hammermill
The new hammermill is a good example of an evolutionary design which is functional and promises to provide efficiency benefits to the user.

Recommendation: Commended

6. Dutch Milling Technology International B.V. – Pellet Mill 850 – 250
Pellet  mills are fundamental machines for many milling related processes and thus this development is an important advance in several respects.
The ability to pellet biomass is very topical , though not strictly relevant to cereal milling.

Recommendation: Commended

7. EnviroLogix Inc. – DNAble Salmonella Rapid Screening Kit
Food safety is of great importance to milled products as well as to food and feed in general. Salmonella is one of the more serious sources of food poisoning and thus a faster, though not yet rapid, means to detect such contamination is of great importance.

Recommendation: Commended

8. IVS Dosing Technology – The POWLI
Enzymes and other micro-components are of increasing importance in the food and feed industries. This product is intended to produce these components in liquid form with greater convenience than before  and meter (dose) them with accuracy.

Recommendation: Commended
9. Tavolia Intelscan Sarl – Pellet cooler optimisation
A product which achieves these objectives is clearly providing an economic and technical benefit to the user. However, there is insufficient information to make a judgment.

Recommendation: Commended

Visit the Buhler site HERE. 

Visit the Alapala site HERE.

The GRAPAS award for innovation is organised by Milling and Grain magazine. 
We would like to thank everyone who entered the award this year, as well as all of our independent panel of judges for their hard work  

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