June 26, 2015

26/06/2015: Loading bulk solids with explosive characteristics


by Henrik Frandsen, General Sales Manager, Cimbria

First published in Milling and Grain, April 2015

Cimbria Bulk Equipment has serviced the dry bulk industry for decades, focusing on the loading and conveying of all kinds of industrial bulk goods. The company has therefore gained a vast experience within industrial bulk handling. This experience is constantly being put to use in developing new solutions, which meet the demands of authorities and users for functionality, quality and environment friendly operation. The solutions have been developed on the basis of a product range consisting of various types of loading chutes for open and closed loading of dry bulk materials into e.g. trucks, rail wagons, containers, ships and for stockpiling. The loading chutes are sold under the brand name Moduflex.

The company has an experienced, highly qualified workforce, its own development and construction department and modern production facilities that enable it to construct and manufacture all of the solutions in accordance with the individual requirements of each client. The loading chutes can be designed to solve all kinds of loading tasks and manufactured either as straightforward single equipment or complete systems for large corporate projects.
However, Cimbria Bulk Equipment is not only recognised as a dependable supplier of various transport equipment, the company has also managed to distinguish themselves by being acknowledged problem solvers with the ability to create innovative solutions where particular customer requirements are taken in account.

Membership of the Cimbria Group of Companies means that Cimbria Bulk Equipment can draw on the expertise of the other group members and provide complete solutions for the clients. 

Handling explosive products
Dust is an important issue when handling various bulk solids such as grain, paper, plastics, sugar, wood or other organic material, as it is the cause of many accidents in the work place. Not only because of the dangerous effects on the human body working in a dust laden area can have, but also more so because the storing and handling of these products always contains a high explosion risk that might cause destruction of buildings and production equipment and in worse case scenarios - loss of human life. However, in recent years, the increased focus on dust emission with the implementation of the ATEX directive has proven to have a preventative effect. 

The correct design of transport equipment with regards to limiting the dust emissions is particularly important. The demands for explosion proof equipment imply that all supplied mechanical parts and electrical components are specially constructed for application in equipment installed in high explosive risk areas. All precautions taken endeavour to create a safe working environment. Beyond the direct improvement of the working environment by bringing down the amount of airborne dust, bringing down the amount of airborne dust furthermore reduces the risk of creating an explosive atmosphere outside of the transport equipment.


Meeting ATEX demands
Through the years, Cimbria Bulk Equipment has gained a great deal of experience when it comes to supplying loading and conveying equipment in compliance with all international regulations. The company has a standard working policy to insure that the supplied equipment is in compliance with the rules laid down in the ATEX-directive. Not only are the assembled parts scrutinised, but also the complete working unit where all factors including the build-up of static electricity and surface temperatures are taken into consideration.

Key words in connection with ATEX related equipment is approval, marking and documentation, where the manufacturer’s declaration plays a key role.

As part of the approval of the Cimbria Moduflex loading chutes, is the compilation of a comprehensive technical dossier, which contains considerations concerning health and safety aspects relevant to the loading chutes in relation to the ATEX-directive.

Supply of solution for loading grain product into ships
Due to the factors mentioned above, Cimbria Bulk Equipment has already supplied several Moduflex loading chutes manufactured for plants where dust control, hygiene and compliance with the ATEX-directive are absolute pre-requisite for the delivery. Cimbria Moduflex’s partner in Lithuania, Firma Liucija, has most recently placed an order for a Moduflex loading chute of the type V650F for loading grain into ships. The loading chute is capable of loading up to 1200 m3/h. Due to the nature of the product the loading chute is provided with explosion proof components in accordance with the ATEX directives. The chutes are equipped with 36 chute modules with antistatic strips that give the chute an extended length of approx. 25,000 mm.

To ensure dust-free outloading into ships, the chute outlet is equipped with a heavy duty dust-skirt in order to encapsulate the dust arising when the product is falling onto the peak of the product pile during the loading process. Two rotating indicators, placed in the chute outlet, signal automatically hoisting of the loading chute as the loading proceeds.

The chute is equipped with a cardan joint i.e. a conveying boom with the ability to pivot up and down in conjunction with the loading scenario. The cardan joint is designed for an operational movement between – 20 and +20° and a parking angle of 20°. The purpose of the cardan joint is to keep the loading chute in a vertical position at all times. This can both be in the loading situation, where, due to various ship sizes or due to large differences in tidal water, there is a need for different heights of the loading chute position. But it is also required in the parking situation. It is clearly necessary to keep the loading chute in a vertical position during loading to enable the correct flow of the product, and to keep the wear factor on the inlet and guide cones of the loading chute to a minimum. Apart from this, without the cardan joint there would be an increased load on one or two of the wires, too, which could eventually result in damage to the chute.

The order follows a series of orders for Moduflex ship and stockpiling loading chutes all designed to meet heavy-duty requirements in terms of capacity and durability.

Loading solution for flour, Valsemoellen, Denmark
The Danish company Valsemoellen A/S is a member of Abdon Mills, a family-owned Scandinavian mill group, with 600 employees worldwide. Valsemoellen produces grain and flour products for industry, catering, bakeries and retail. The Valsemoellen in Koege, Denmark, grinds grain 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, which means that good, reliable machinery is required. As a result, Cimbria has delivered and installed a new plant for reception of grain.
The new plant includes chain conveyors, bucket elevators, baffle plate weigher, sampler, magnetic separator, Delta cleaner and new pipework with a capacity of 100 t/h.

The plant in K√łge grinds wheat and rye in particular, but also other types of grain and species such as white wheat and spelt are processed.
In connection with the installation of the new equipment for grain reception, the company has taken the opportunity to replace 3 existing loading chutes with newer models, i.e. 3 Moduflex type S300TSMJ loading chutes replacing Moduflex loading chutes from 1992.

The Moduflex loading chutes are manufactured in accordance with EU regulation no. 1935/04, and thus meet all requirements concerning contact with foodstuffs.
Cimbria Bulk Equipment supplies dust-free chute systems through a network of agents in more than 30 countries around the world. Further information on Cimbria Bulk Equipment and the Cimbria Group of companies can be obtained by accessing www.cimbria.com or contacting the company at moduflex@cimbria.com.

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