June 25, 2015

25/06/2015: Perten releases next generation Falling Number® System

The new Falling Number® 1000 detects sprout damage and includes many new features that make it faster, safer, and simpler to use.

Perten Instruments announces the release of the FN 1000 – Perten’s newest Falling Number® instrument. The FN 1000 is a dual sample analysis system and reports the world standard Falling Number value – indicating alpha-amylase activity in grain and flour. The Perten Falling Number® instruments are the only validated instruments for Falling Number Approved Methods by the AACCI and ICC. Additionally, the FN 1000 is supplied capable of performing the fungal amylase test as well.

Faster: The FN 1000 can be set to a target FN value, and, once the target FN is reached, the instrument automatically stops the test and pushes down the stirrers, and reports the result as greater than the input target value – e.g. “300+”. This frees operators to perform other tasks and improves sample throughput.

Safer: The FN 1000 is designed with an outwardly isolated water bath, plastic cover on the cooling lid, and stirrer mechanism isolation to protect operators.

Simpler: The FN 1000 is operated via an intuitive touch screen, measures atmospheric pressure, and alerts the operator to activate altitude correction if the detected atmospheric pressure is too low. Greater connectivity with 4 USB ports and an Ethernet port enables simultaneous use of printers, data capture connection, bar code readers and more.

Learn more about the FN 1000 HERE.

Visit the Perten Instruments website HERE.

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