June 18, 2015

18/06/2015: Advancements in level & flow detection

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New mercury-free tilt switch
This non-powered, patent-pending tilt switch is for detecting high levels in bins, tanks and silos. It can be used for high level detection in all types of powders and solids with a bulk density of at least 15 lb./cu. ft. It's installed in a fixed mounting location on top of the bin through 1-1/4' process connection.
Each BM-TSM is custom-made in our Lincoln, Nebraska factory in shaft lengths from 1 foot to 8 feet. See the brochure.
Horizontal mount SmartBob
Sometimes mounting a SmartBob on the roof of the bin just isn't possible. BinMaster engineers came up with an innovative design that allows for mounting a SmartBob on the side of a bin. EachSmartBob HM - for horizontal mount - is custom-made in lengths from 12' to 36'. It installs through a 4' opening on the side of the bin and takes automated level measurements at preset time intervals. Read the brochure.

3D solids scanner for accurate volume
Automate for better inventory accuracy and improved worksite safety with the 3DLevelScanner's non-contact technology that measures multiple points for high volume accuracy. This virtually maintenance-free sensor performs reliably in high-dust environments. It measures and maps the material surface of powders and solids to calculate highly accurate volume estimations. View brochure here.

Single-piece flow detect
The new FD-2000 is affordable, reliable and easy-to-use flow or no flow notification. It works in powders and solids at transition points in gravity chutes, pipelines, ducts, feeders, bucket elevators, gravity spouts, gravity feeds, and mechanical and pneumatic conveyors. It's a great sensor to prevent cross contamination when used in distributors to ensure flow has stopped before changing bins. Read the brochure.
Point level sensor selection
Rotaries, vibrating rods, capacitance probes and tilt switches let you know when material in the silo reaches a certain point in the bin. They are used for high or low level detection to prevent overfilling and running out of product.

The Q1 Insider article has a handy comparison chart that helps you select the right sensor or just contact BinMaster!


Bin levels to your PLC
The SmartBob AO works like an automated tape measure, eliminating the need to climb bins for manual measurements. It measures at preset time intervals or on demand when you need a current level. The AO - for Analog Output - model of the SmartBob is designed with a 4 -20 mA output, so the data goes directly to your PLC. A simple 'on board' push-button interface allows you to configure a simple, 7-step setup in minutes. Read brochure here.
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