June 26, 2015

26/06/2015: 66th JTIC International Milling and Cereal Industries Meeting


Organised by AEMIC, the association of former cereal trade and industry schools on 4 and 5 November 2015, in Paris - France

In 2009, for its 60th anniversary, the JTIC swapped the hotels of the capital for the Centre des Congrès at Reims. Today, having given a real trade fair dimension to this supplier exhibition and having partially depleted the wine cellars of Champagne-Ardenne, the JTIC is returning to the capital to continue its expansion.

So the 66th JTIC will be held at the Paris Event Center, Porte de la Vilette, on 4 and 5 November 2015.

The 66th anniversary will be Parisian, with a Latino gala evening. Milling and cereal industry professionals will enjoy the friendly professionnalism that is the motto and originality of the JTIC.

Why change? Why Paris?
After 6 years of continuous growth of the exhibition, the Centre des Congrès at Reims will not allow us to accept any new exhibitors. To meet new demand, we therefore had to look for larger premises.

Paris was a natural choice as it meets the high demands of our participants, particularly in terms of logistics and accessibility from the provinces and abroad, offering diverse means of transport and flexible timetables.

What are the advantages of the Paris Event Center?
The Paris Event Center is a completely new exhibition centre based at Porte de la Villette.

It offers the same operational versatility as an exhibition centre such as Villepinte, while retaining all the logistical advantages of inner Paris. Moreover, it comprises 2 halls, 4000 and 8000m2, much better dimensioned than the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre.

Open since September 2014, it is a modern centre in terms of equipment and can be configured according to requirements. The 66th JTIC will be held in building A, a 4000m2 hall, which will be divided into three spaces to accommodate the exhibition on one side and the conferences and restaurant on the other. Participants will therefore be able access to all the JTIC activities in one place and on one floor.
Picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr

What effects does this have on the organisation of the JTIC?
The JTIC is changing premises, not format. Participants will therefore find the main suppliers from the wheat-four-bread sector. They can attend the plenary conferences and innovation workshops; they will have access to the poster space and the job forum. Not to mention admission to the tasting bar and gala evening.

The capital offers many evening options, from the luxurious to the eccentric. In the spirit of the JTIC, we have opted for a lively, social and friendly setting with plenty of good food and drink on offer. The 66th JTIC gala evening will therefore be held at the Pau Brazil, Champs Élysées, on 4 November.

What is the schedule for the 66th JTIC?
The JTIC centres on four plenary conferences.

Session 1: Air control and treatment in the cereal industries
The first subject is both technical and economic. It relates to air control and treatment within the cereal industries.

Aside from its omnipresence in our living environment, air has countless applications, particularly in the industrial sectors. In the food-processing industries, it plays a key role in the products (biochemical aspect) and acts as an essential technical support in the manufacturing process (vacuum extraction, handling, pressurisation, etc.).

The significant development of its use in all its forms has above all made it possible to control problems linked to food safety, but not without considerable consequences in terms of energy impact. Today the issue is to find the best compromise through the good technical command of installations.

This conference will give an overview of the problems and issues in our industries. Installation experts will then present the primary processing technical innovations and solutions as well as the specific secondary processing constraints. Lastly, a panel will discuss future prospects and developments.
Session 2: Milling and Biorefining, orchestrated by INRA
As the Food or Fuel debate continues to simmer, the 66th JTIC is preparing, with supporting statistics, an economic and environmental report of first-generation bioethanol processes. It will also be presenting a panoramic overview of international projects and programs in this new field.

Construction materials, bioplastics, solvents and even moisturizing creams... In line with energy recovery, the use of cereals for energy is drawing interest from many sectors, and the chemical industry in particular.

Recognized as green, or sustainable, it goes beyond the existing use of grain and is looking to exploit the whole plant and thus generate less waste.
Picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr

The forum will offer an update on the latest research results in green chemistry. Although taking a product-based approach, it will also focus on the technical dimension. The conference will be spotlighting the advances made possible by new equipment, from pilot versions to fully integrated systems at industrial sites.

The roundtable, closing the 2nd half-day, will be an opportunity to open the debate on the future: how can primary processing industries, with their synergistic co-products in animal nutrition, feature in this bioeconomy, through the concept of biorefining?
Session 4: Innovations in industrial baking: stakes and challenges of tomorrow
moderated by Mac Lesggy

In globalized markets, where information exchange has never been easier or faster thanks to digitization, influences and trends spread at lightening speed. And the agri-food industry is no exception: culinary specialties no longer have geographic boundaries and consumption patterns are continuously changing. Nomadic lifestyles, food safety, locavorism, regional specialties... Industrial bakeries continue to innovate to meet consumers’ expectations.

Artisan bakers are also entitled to see their aspirations reflected in their ranges. The JTIC will be exploring the major trends identified through the prism of industrial baking, taking an economic as well as marketing approach. Industry professionals will be taking the stage to explain how these new needs are impacting production specifications and processes, in milling, the production of ingredients, and in fine pastry and baking.

Mac Lesggy, agricultural engineer by training and a star tv presenter on channel M6, will be orchestrating this last half-day conference. He brings energy and curiosity to every discussion, speaking for today’s consumers.

Also on the agenda:
Session 3: This year’s wheat quality, by the Arvalis Plant Institute

Research work features centre-stage... 

In addition to the results presented during the conferences, the JTIC is setting up a dedicated space to feature the latest research on cereal-industry related topics. Center-stage at the show, it will allow all guests to explore the areas that scientists are working on. Presented in the form of posters to attract and engage, they will showcase a range of scientific and technical developments in the Cereal Industry, selected by the review panel.

Prizes will be awarded to the best presentations, during the event.

Submissions: proposals for topics for the poster session must be submitted to Aemic before 10 October.
Image: emilio59

How to get involved

For those developing innovative products or services, the JTIC offers multiple opportunities to present them to users or find business partners. Whether in the form of a poster or workshop, send your proposals by 10 October 2015 to aemic@wanadoo.fr, for validation by our selection committee. All calls for proposals and regulations are available online at www.jtic.eu.
Suppliers wishing to reserve a stand can send their applications to aemic@wanadoo.fr. In return, they will receive an exhibition floorplan as well as a full registration file. 

Visitor registrations will open in June online at www.jtic.eu.

For the 90th anniversary of the association, the AEMIC will issue a new directory of all its members and partners - consume liberally! 

A real tool in AEMIC’s job service, its unique selling point is that it contains the personal and professional details of people working and studying in the sector. It also references the companies and firms that are recruiting most in the dynamic and ever-growing cereal sector. 

For members of the association who already receive job offers from our partners, the directory makes it possible to quickly select the companies, via different indexes, in order to send out spontaneous applications.

For companies, it is about maximum visibility, publishing job offers on the AEMIC website and advertising in the directory to attract the best candidates and fill job vacancies more easily.

For more general recruitment firms, the AEMIC directory holds a real wealth of talent in the professions of our sector. It is therefore not uncommon for members appearing in the directory to be offered career development opportunities by firms.
It is up to you!

Right now you can join the 3000 members and former students who make up the AEMIC network by registering, in a personal capacity, online at www.aemic.com

And if your company is regularly looking for new talent and you are not yet an AEMIC partner, send your offers to aemic-emploi@orange.fr. In return, we will send you our various partnership forms.

Visit the JTIC site HERE.

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