May 05, 2016

05/05/2016: The challenge: Attracting and retaining talents

by Birgit Leitner, Employer Brand Manager for ERBER Group

First published in Milling and Grain, March 2016

In the media we frequently get to read about the lack of engineers in technical industries, the lack of physicians in hospitals, or the lack of skilled crafts men in your local neighborhood.

But how is the situation in the feed industry? Are people lining up to work for the companies doing business there? If yes: Are those the right talents? If no: What can companies do to attract a better fit?

Sometimes sales skills and an engaging personality are not enough to convince a customer – especially in the feed industry. People in the field require a profound technical background: animal health and husbandry or related expertise in natural sciences.

Knowledge and competence are key to long term customer relationships. Finding that kind of jack-of-all-trades is not easy. Same is true for experts in the area of research and development or product management. Highly qualified and specialized talents are well sought after. And having one under contract does not guarantee that they stay for a long time - the next head hunter or tempting job ad might be just around the corner.

So what to do? You will have to ask yourself (and answer it honestly): is my company perceived as an attractive employer? Are we a great place to work? Will highly qualified talents consider working for me at all?

Read the full article in Milling and Grain HERE.      

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