May 12, 2016

12/05/2016: Nutreco reports higher results and good progress on sustainability

In 2015 Nutreco reported higher financial results with net revenues of €5.7 billion (2014: €5.3 billion) and an operating result of €282 million (2014: €236 million). Results improved in all of Nutreco’s segments: Animal Nutrition, Aquafeed and Nutreco Iberia.

Nutreco made steady progress against its sustainability objectives. It further strengthened its supply chain through supplier audits, and embedded sustainability key performance indicators into its business reporting model. The 2015 annual review was drafted according to the fourth generation of the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

“2015 was in many ways a special year for Nutreco. The financial results were very good across all of our businesses. This confirms that we are increasingly successful in translating our R&D and innovation capabilities into sustainable nutritional solutions valued by our customers. With the acquisition of US-based trace mineral producer Micronutrients we realised the third-largest acquisition in our history, making Nutreco the category leader in a specific feed additive segment,” said Knut Nesse, CEO of Nutreco.

“In June we organised our 8th AgriVision conference in the Netherlands, with close to 400 participants from over 40 countries. But perhaps the most visible event was the delisting of Nutreco from the Amsterdam stock exchange as a result of the take-over by SHV. We opened a new chapter for Nutreco as a private company, while continuing our 'Driving sustainable growth' strategy with the full support of our new shareholder.”
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The good financial performance in all of Nutreco’s three segments was mainly the result of a more favourable product mix and the contribution of Nutreco's acquisitions in Brazil, as well as positive currency effects.

Animal Nutrition, primarily trading under the Trouw Nutrition company brand, performed well despite difficult market circumstances in the global swine and dairy sectors. The increased focus on global products improved the performance of the Selko feed additives brand.

In Aquafeed, trading under the Skretting company brand, the salmon feed business performed strongly in 2015, and maintained its position as global market leader, although there is still overcapacity in the main Norwegian market. In shrimp feed, Ecuador reported strong organic growth.

Nutreco’s Iberian business performed well on the back of a recovering Spanish economy. Nanta, a producer of compound feed, reported growing volumes to third-parties, while Sada, which specialises in poultry meat, benefited from good performance during the high (summer) season.

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In 2015 Nutreco further strengthened the sustainability of their supply chain by auditing a total of 42 suppliers. All new direct suppliers signed-off their commitment to comply with Nutreco’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Good progress was achieved in strengthening and embedding into the quarterly reporting cycle measuring, monitoring and controls around sustainability key performance indicators, such as CO2, water, waste, energy use and lost time incidents.

In order to ensure that Nutreco’s sustainability vision 2020 is realised and sustainability targets are achieved, the internal Nuterra Standard was developed with 115 compliance criteria for all of Nutreco’s operating companies. This tool assists local managers on identifying where their operations are situated with respect to Nutreco’s Vision 2020 targets and where they can focus their sustainability activities to ensure reaching the company's sustainability goals by year 2020.

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The 2015 review is Nutreco’s first annual review that has been drafted according to the fourth generation of the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, as developed by the Global Reporting Initiative. This confirms Nutreco´s continued commitment to reporting and transparency as a private company.

The full 2015 Annual Review is available online HERE.


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