May 16, 2016

16/05/2016: Save the dollar you invest: optimised raw feed material preservation through activated propionates
by Kai-J Kühlmann, Ramakanta Nayak (Nutreco Asia Co Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand), Paul Koolen (Trouw Nutrition Selko, Tilburg, Netherlands)

First published in Milling and Grain, March 2016

Another year of cheap & plentiful inputs? Agricultural market trends

Global contemporary animal production quadrupled during the past 50 years and totaled with 308 million MT of meat produced in 2013, with Asia as the main animal production center.

The population of the world is steadily growing, with a population of 9.1 billion expected by 2050. The majority of these people are in developing countries. As growth continues worldwide urbanisation is expected to reach 70 percent by 2050 compared to 49 percent today.

In order to feed the larger and more urbanised population, global food production needs to increase by about 70 percent with an increased cereal production to about 3 billion tons (from 2.1 billion today) and an increase in annual meat production to 470 million tons, respectively (FAO 2009).

However, declining growth rates of major cereal crops globally challenge agriculture to develop new technologies to compete with natural resources such as land and water, climate change and habitat preservation.

International trade of raw feed materials intensifies to ensure food security. To manage these challenges, political combined with professional networking is required. In short, the agricultural industry needs to produce more from less land and with fewer hands.

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