May 11, 2016

11/05/2016: Reliable feeding of difficult flowing bulk material
Gericke batch weighing system (Gericke Archiv)
Precise metering with high repeatability of accuracy is not difficult with products like corn semolina or dried vegetables.  

More challenging is the weighing and feeding of flushing, bridging, cohesive or compacting bulk material, like icing sugar, calcium hydroxide, fibres or flakes.

The mechanical design and shape of a feeder is the main influence on its capability and reliability to handle difficult products. Gericke has acquired a broad knowledge base by conducting field and testlab trials and using the findings in the design of its entire feeder product range.

This includes aspects that deal with the physical behaviour of powders. To mitigate the problem of bridging, feeders from the GAC and GDU series offer an over-dimensioned entry section. Various types of agitators, homogenisers or even vibrated hoppers or ultrasonic induced energy are used to homogenise the bulk material in the feeder hopper and to introduce the particles into the feeding auger or helix in a consistent manner. These are some of the basic requirements for an accurate and repeatable volumetric feeding. It is logical that a precise volumetric metering makes a gravimetric one even better.

The profile of the helixes and spirals plays a significant role as well. This very important part of each feeder has to be adapted to the respective process and product characteristics. It influences the filling degree, the compression and mechanical stress on the product and it should eliminate flushing or pulsation at the outlet.

The selection and execution of the feeder type and its options involves careful examination of the products and the process by Gericke's expert team. Rheology analysis can be done in the company's laboratories and feeding trials with specific accuracy measurement software in the Gericke test centres.

As Gericke also supplies conveying systems and mixers, the interfaces between up- and downstream equipment such as feeders is solved in one go.

Simulate your powder process under industrial conditions in Gericke's test centres.

Visit the Gericke site HERE.

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