March 05, 2017

06/03/2017: Crops of choice, waste reduction and better food safety

by Chris Jackson, Export Manager UK TAG

Here we are in another year, may I first wish all of our readers a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016 was indeed a tumultuous year for the UK with voting to leave the EU

Chris Jackson

If our minister responsible for agriculture is to be believed in her New Year statement 2017, it should be good for farming here, for she promises to cut unnecessary red tape for our industry along with the staff needed to impose it and will allow our arable farmers to grow crops of their choice rather than being dictated to.

Good news indeed as all of the farmers that I know have a great regard for their farms and the future of their farming business after all the land we till has been productive since farming began.

That is not to say that in other parts of the world where livestock are not reared only arable, the same scenario applies.

We must ensure that good productive land does not become dust bowls and therefore not available for food production.

Whilst cutting red tape the Minister is absolutely committed to food safety A theme that all of the countries that I am privileged to visit aspire to and one that needs to be universally adopted.

But of course making food production safe is not easy and entails a very heavy cost not only in making sure that food post farm-gate is processed with speed and efficiency to ensure flavour and safety but on farm to ensure that no toxic elements are used in production.

This will often entail extra farm costs so that farmers will need to be adequately rewarded to make sure that the food they produce and livestock, crops, fruit and vegetables comply with the highest standards.

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