March 22, 2017

22/03/2017: Antares Plus – the plus in yield and flour quality

The Antares Plus roller mill optimises yield and flour quality thanks to innovative sensor technology

The Antares roller mill stands for high-quality grinding, the highest standard of sanitation and consistently reliable operation.

The further development of the Antares Plus brings together all these benefits while also increasing yield, maximising flour quality and reducing energy consumption, all thanks to new sensor technology.

Bühler AG in Uzwil, Switzerland has been manufacturing rolls since 1860.

From that beginning, company founder, Adolf Bühler, took the then revolutionary principle of the roller mill and began industrial production.

155 years later the roller mill still forms the core element of any flour mill. In the roller mill, cleaned cereal grains – including wheat, durum, corn, rye, barley or malt – are processed into the finest flours.

Antares success story

The Antares roller mill is the flagship of the extensive Bühler roller mill portfolio.

It combines 155 years of Bühler experience with the latest knowledge in terms of grinding and hygiene, serving as the worldwide reference for modern roller mills in the milling industry. Since the launch in 2008, more than 3,000 Antares top line roller mills have been sold.

The market success of Antares is due to its robustness, feed and grinding and highest standards of sanitation thanks to the use of stainless steel and sophisticated insulation. A “plus” thanks to sensor technology with the “Plus” version, Bühler opens a new chapter in the success story of Antares.

The new Antares Plus roller mill ensures ideally coordinated grinding with minimal pneumatic conveying.

Energy consumption and flour quality are in the optimal range. Standard on the Antares Plus are automatic grinding gap adjustment and the online MYTA particle size measuring sensor. Temperature monitoring of the rollers and bearings also ensure maximum operating safety and high production uptime.

The Online MYTA sensor continuously measures the particle size distribution in the ground product and compares the measured actual value with the target value. The Antares Plus control system records the deviations and automatically adjusts the milling gap to the target value.

The result is a consistent product quality with minimised energy consumption. The sensor-controlled milling gap adjustment automates this former manual procedure and enables millers to invest more time in their core tasks.

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