March 13, 2017

14/03/2017: 4th Addis Agrofood a success, Ethiopia

4th Addis Agrofood was successfully held in December 2016 and visited by 3217 unique visitors coming from various neighbouring countries

Moreover, the world's leading packaging and food processing company Tetra Pak was the Diamond Sponsor of 4th Addis Agrofood.

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Why Exhibit?

Ethiopia has sub-Saharan Africa's fifth biggest economy and mostly supported by agriculture sector. Ethiopia is the first at the livestock breeding sector in Africa, and also it is one of the first ten countries all around the world.

Ethiopia has many agricultural sources and various ecological areas. Ethiopia imports all food and agricultural machineries from other countries.

Sub-Sector Best Prospects: 

• Agricultural equipment and systems, such as tractors, irrigation equipment, grain handling systems, silos, cold storage facilities, etc.
• Agro-processing products, such as beverages, biscuits, bread, milk, meat, chicken, cooking oil.
• Agro-processing equipment (e.g. extruders for soybean oil production).
• Grocery exports.


Ethiopia is a home to diversity of ecological areas and agricultural sources but imports all chemical fertilisers and many agricultural machineries and design equipment; such as tractor, harvester, grain silo, storage and other equipment.

All types of cereals, fibre crops, oil seeds, coffee, tea, cotton, flowers, fruits and vegetables are grown in Ethiopia. Also, it has the largest livestock population in Africa. There are significant opportunities for investors in the production and processing of the agricultural crops and resources.


Food crops such as wheat, teff, maize, beans, peas, lentil, soya bean, chickpea are grown in Ethiopia. Even though Ethiopia is capable of producing food crops, production is not sufficient to meet the country's demand.

Ethiopia is also in need of developed technologies for food processing industry, machinery/ equipment and production design. Additionally, Ethiopia requires high-tech systems for food processing and packaging machineries due to the country's desire to export its produced processed food.

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