March 16, 2017

17/03/2017: First gold medal for 10 years awarded to Belfast Miller

Belfast flour miller Nigel McLoughlin, of James Neill flour mills, has been awarded a prestigious Gold Medal by the National Association of British and Irish Millers (nabim)

This is the first medal of its kind to be awarded for a decade.

Nigel McLoughlin's gold medal presentation
Nigel earned the medal by coming top in specialist examinations taken by 600 students across 30 countries in five continents and successfully completing a project looking at technical improvements in the flour mill.

Nabim President, Duncan Monroe, congratulated Nigel on his achievement when awarding the medal in Belfast on 14 March.

“This is the first gold medal awarded for 10 years. The success of Nigel and his predecessors who have won the medal since it was first awarded almost a century ago helps to sustain the most technically advanced flour milling industry in the world, that to this day blends craft and technology to produce superb flour used in an enormous range of delicious foodstuffs”, said Mr Monroe.

About nabim

Nabim represents around 50 flour mills in the UK and Ireland, producing 4 million tonnes of flour per year from wheat and other cereals grown mainly in the UK.

It has been running training courses for millers for more than 100 years, with students from all over the world.

Flour is a key ingredient in the UK diet, accounting for 20 percent of energy and more than 30 percent of the average person’s intake of calcium, as much fibre as we get from fruit and veg, and is a key source of other minerals such as Iron and B vitamins.

It even supplies 10 percent of average protein consumption. James Neill has been milling flour in Belfast for 150 years.

The company is well known for its retail flours but is also a big supplier to bakeries throughout Ireland.

It has consistently invested in equipment and staff training to ensure that its modern computer controlled mill maintains the reputation for high quality flour its customers have come to expect.

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