March 28, 2017

29/03/2017: Feeding the future: with focus on health and environment

by Christophe Palletier

In my opinion, the food and agriculture sector does not receive enough praise for its performance

Christophe Palletier

Over the past four decades, the world population has increased by 80 per cent, meaning that farmers have been able to supply food for an additional 3.3 billion people during that same time period.

Unfortunately, the number of hungry people has remained about stable, around a billion people.

Every person who is hungry is a hungry person too many.

There cannot be any discussion about that, and there still is a lot of work to be done. This is no small feat. Clearly there is plenty of room for improvement, especially when you consider that about a third of the food produced is wasted. Although this does mean that potential to supply future food demand is there.

Production VS Consumption

The discussions about meeting future food demand always tend to focus on production volumes. Of course that is the minimum requirement, but to meet all the other challenges it is necessary to broaden the scope beyond volumes.

Production is only half the equation. The other is consumption. There is lot of work to help consumption patterns contribute to a balanced future between supply and demand.

The on-going increase of obesity and diabetes are at least as worrying as hunger because of the negative health, environmental and economic consequences.

One of the most important roles in the future for the food and agriculture sector will be to help people feed themselves properly. There is a need for this and it goes far beyond a marketing exercise.

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