March 29, 2017

30/03/2017: A constant challenge to produce more from less

by Chris Jackson, Export Manager, UK TAG

As I write these notes this month from winter conditions here in the UK, it is a constant reminder that in the farming world, we are all reliant on climate for all of our production
Chris Jackson

Worldwide, farmers have adapted production technique to suit both the land and climatic conditions.

Farming in itself is a complex enough subject and my best guess is that it is still the world’s biggest user of labour, even without all of its allied industries needed to get raw materials from point of production to end consumer.

With some very notable international large scale integrated companies operating, most production is still in the hands of family businesses that are limited in expansion by lack of capital and resources- as well as their own traditions.

Challenges we face
As our productive land is increasingly taken over by urban development, those left in the industry have a constant challenge to produce more from less.

Here in the UK we are helped by having some of the world’s leading research and development facilities, a fact often overlooked by our potential customers from around the globe- working not only in livestock field, but for crops including; tropical varieties, horticulture, machinery and technology.

My own university for example, is working on robotic field machinery, not only because of skilled labour shortage here, but perhaps more importantly because of soil structure damage caused by the ever increasing size of farm machinery.

The effects include soil erosion and dust blowing in the vast arable lands of countries such as America or Australia.

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