May 01, 2018

02/05/2018: GoodMills Innovation focuses on health at Fi Europe

From baking ingredients with added value and innovative concepts for whole grain products right through to process optimisation, at FiE 2017, Europe’s largest milling company showcased its comprehensive portfolio. 

Fi Europe, GoodMills Innovation presented various products and concepts with a firm focus on health. 2ab Wheat, a newly discovered ancient grain, is an easy-to-digest alternative to modern bread wheat that delivers tasty and high indulgence baked goods that are ideal for wheat-sensitive customers.

Additionally, with its Whole Grain Index and its innovative range of light-coloured whole grain flours, GoodMills Innovation presented effective solutions that make whole grain products more attractive to a broader range of consumers. The company also presented functional flours that facilitate processing and fulfill the highest Clean Label and salt reduction standards.

With the ancient grain variety 2ab, the GoodMills Innovation experts presented a new product that offers bakers a real alternative to conventional bread wheat. Bakery products made from 2ab flour are particularly well tolerated, and are convincing in taste and texture. They are ideal for wheat-sensitive consumers whose options have thus far been limited to gluten- or wheat-free products with a distinct lack of indulgence. For both industrial and artisan bakeries, 2ab Wheat offers easy handling and excellent baking properties too.

GoodMills Innovation also introduced a concept aimed at increasing consumption of baked goods made from whole grain. With an eye on delivering consumer health benefits as well as optimum taste and texture, the company has developed whole grain flours with a light appearance. SNOW® WHEAT, White Gold© and SNOW® SPELT both have the valuable nutritional properties of whole grain, but are finely ground, of a light colour and enable the production of mild-tasting baked goods without the typical bitterness of conventional whole grain products.

To communicate the fact that light coloured products can be as healthy as darker coloured ones, the company has created the Whole Grain Index. This allows manufacturers to calculate the precise whole grain content of their products online and then download the information in a graphic file for use on packaging. This then acts as seal of transparency that clears up the myth that browner bakery products are automatically more wholesome than whiter ones.

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