May 28, 2018

Ocrim company profile

The important investments made by Ocrim are the demonstration of its will to grow. Many are its activities all around the world - in particular, milling plants, feed mills, bio-ethanol plants, silos, cereal conveying lines and electrical installations; but the underlying factor in all this is the industrialisation - in other words the standardisation - of production processes in order to cut primary costs, thus offering competitive prices without jeopardising product quality.

This is an efficient policy on which Ocrim will go on concentrating its efforts in the future, attaining trust, loyalty and consolidating its market share. The challenge is to further improve itself but in a manner consistent with its strategic and commercial plan.

Ocrim’s partnership with Paglierani and long-standing collaborations with sub-suppliers complete the added value that Ocrim is able to offer its Customers, demonstrating the Italian spirit in a determined search for product quality without compromise.

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